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CHENXING DAILY CHEMICAL COMPANY LIMITED is a professional manufacturer of detergent products in Quanzhou city of China. was founded in 2000, it is distance to Xiamen port about 84Kilometers. Production equipment:Spray dry tower & concentrated equipment.Production capacity of washing powder:60000MT per year.Main operation:OEM,ODM and OBM .... MORE

During both the manufacturing process and commercial trade,health and safety principles are abided to by chenxing daily chemical co., ltd.
①.Protection of environment and ecology
②.Production without generating rubbish
③.Reduction of energy consumption
④.Reduction of noise and pollution
⑤.Respect employees' and cooperative partners' benefits
⑥.Respect employees' and cooperative partners'rights and dignity
⑦.Respect intellectual property
----All these are the standards we strictly implement,realizing safety as being more important than profits.


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