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Environmental and human compatibility of washing powder and cleaning agents

While washing powder and cleaning agents are beneficial, they should not do harm to the environment, people, or animals. This is enumerated as follows:

The ingredients contained in washing powder, detergent, and other cleaning agents:
  Anionic Active
  Non-ionic Active
  Ampholytic Active
  Cationic Active
All the above actives must be completely biodegradable.
The ingredients should not be contained in washing powder, detergent, and other cleaning agents:
All the above elements would do harm to natural ecological environment , people, and animals.

The alkali contained in household washing powder and cleaning agents should not exceed 8%.for the excess alkali would cause itching, dryness and cracking of skin.

We support the philosophies and values of environmental protection agencies and security organizations.

During both the manufacturing process and commercial trade, health and safety principles are abided to by CHENXING DAILY CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.
  ①Protection of environment and ecology,
  ②Production without generating rubbish, 
  ③Reduction of energy consumption,
  ④Reduction of noise and pollution,
  ⑤Respect employees' and cooperative partners' benefits,
  ⑥Respect employees' and cooperative partners' rights and dignity,
  ⑦Respect intellectual property.
   ---- All these are the standards we strictly implement,
      realizing safety as being more important than profits.


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